Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Questions: Who will earn with Aware India?
Every one can earn from Aware India, who is using internet frequently, like: Man, Women, Students, Houswife, Employee, Social Worker.

Questions: How can earn from Aware India?
You can earn from Aware India by taking purchase any package or any one Subscription (Free, Standard, Premium) given on the page "Packages". After taking any subscription you will be called as Free User, Standard User or Premium User. After taking subscription you must sign up with and update you user id and start multiple earning by watching PPC Ads, by making referral, and through other ways, for know about detail please download our " Company Intro Presentation".

Questions: How much amount can be earn by Free / Paid Subscription?
You can earn a limited earning as a Free User, and if you want to earn unlimited earning then you must purchase our "Premium Subscription", form know about premium subscription and related earning with detail, then please download our "Latest Bonus Presentation". You can choose 1 month paid subscription for trial.

Questions: How many services & packages provided by Aware India?
Aware India have multiple package for Website Designing & Development, SEO & Internet Marketing, Online Advertisement, yearly Combo Subscription (Membership Plan), etc. For know about our Services please download our "Lates Package & Services".

Questions: What is company's payout condition?
Your can withdraw your referral bonus, active bonus and PPC bonus as monthly payment, it will be count between 1st day to last day of the month. and you can withdraw your sale bonus and team sale bonus as weekly payment.
Minimum payment for free user is Rs.200/- and for paid user can be withdraw Rs.500/- minimum. First Payout of every user will be minium Rs.100/- only.

Questions: When I will get my bonus/income?
Your will get you bonus at on your withdrawal request as per the tems. If you choose Auto Withdrawal Option then you will get your bonus payment in your bank account after Rs.500/- without any request.

Questions: Payment meturity condition?

Bonus Type Count Meturity Payment
Direct Referral Bonus (Paid Referral by Self) Same Day 7 Days Weekly
Team Referral Bonus (upto 5th Level) Same Day 7 Days Monthly
Active User Bonus Team (upto 5th Level) Monthly 7 Days Monthly
PPC Bonus (Self) Same Day 30 Days Monthly
PPC Team Bonus (upto 5th Level) Same Day 30 Days Monthly
Sale Bonus (direct sale) Same Day 7 Days Weakly
Team Sale Bonus (upto 5th Level) Same Day 7 Days Weakly

Questions: I cant't read the presentation properly?
If you can't read our presentation properly then you must download the related "Fonts" or "PPT Viewer".

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